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Week two hundred and sixty-eight - January 2014

Nearly finished editing Derek Season 2. The second series is always the best as you can develop characters without all the set up and just enjoy their interactions in new and familiar situations. It’s also usually the last in my case. Well, apart from the Xmas Special of course. But who knows. Derek is the series that has tempted me most to do a third. But let’s get this one up and running first. No release date yet but it’s looking like Spring/Summer around the world. 

Before that though, my little Disney Movie - Muppets Most Wanted - will hopefully take the world by storm. It’s out March 21st in the US, March 28th in the UK and then everywhere else that has a cinema. 

Here’s the latest trailer we did taking the piss out of gorps on Twitter. 

I’ll be doing the usual 250 interviews and chat shows nearer the time. 

And now the New York weather: it’s fucking cold. 

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