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Week two hundred and forty-eight - February 2013

So, The Muppet Movie is unbelievable fun. No surprise there. What is a surprise, is how you bond with puppets. I actually find myself thinking about them and laughing at something they’ve said. Like it was their idea to say it? 

I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but I love Pepe & Constantine. I’ve said too much. 

Derek continues to pick up devoted fans. Thank you. There’s a real cult nature to it. I don’t mean in a scary “I take half their salary” way. I just mean, people are quoting it and starting their own fan sites and stuff. It’s a nice feeling. 

I’m picking up a vibe similar to half-way through the first series of The Office. Although the ratings are slightly better actually. The Office got an average of 1.5m for the first series, which is about what Derek is getting on the night. But because of 4OD (Channel 4’s catch-up service) its episode average doubles that over the week. 

TV habits are changing. Which is why Netflix is perfect for a show like Derek. For anything slightly fringe or culty or a just a bit different, word of mouth is everything. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Is it scripted?” The answer is “Yes”. A lot of people thought The Office was improvised too. This is a testament to the wonderful naturalist acting from the cast. Karl has surprised a lot of people. He’s also caused the conspiracy theorists to raise their heads again, saying ‘We knew it. An Idiot Abroad is scripted too then.” Haha. 

Here is a picture of Karl & David learning their lines. 

Here’s a sneak peek of Episode 3 (By the way, the frog in this clip actually belongs to Karl. He was showing Jane and me round his new house and I spotted it in the garden. I said “We’re using that in Derek.” And we did.) 

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