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Week two hundred and forty - November 2012

Work really kicked in this last week. 


I was in the edit trying to finish Derek, doing press for An Idiot Abroad 3, getting together the set for my little Scandanavian arena tour, starting a new movie script, and annoying fundamentalists on Twitter. The last one is more of a hobby, but very time consuming. Haha. 

It’s also shopping time. Jane’s birthday in December starts the ball rolling then Christmas takes over. To make it easier, last year we initiated “the list”. We have to do a long list of things we want and the other person buys some of them so you’re still not sure what you’re getting. It really helps. This was the list I made of presents I wanted… 


Jane looked at it, laughed, and said, “Now do a proper one.” Maybe she was just trying to throw me off the scent. 
I pretended to fall for it. I am going to call my monkey butler Ernest by the way, and I will train it to carry stuff for me. 



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