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Week two hundred and thirty-nine - November 2012

I had a few days off from editing Derek to go and be one of the headline acts at The New York Comedy Festival. 

I kicked off the festival with an Audience Q and A and a live interview with John Hodgman at The Town Hall. I enjoyed it so much that I’m thinking of doing a string of similar events across the country. 

It was the armchairs that clinched the deal. “Stand Up” is fun but “Sit down” is more comfortable. 

The following night I performed at the Stand Up For Heroes Benefit. 

It’s always an amazing night of music and comedy, and a truly humbling experience.

Springsteen played as usual and auctioned his guitar. He did an acoustic version of “Tougher than the rest” that sent a chill down the spine. 

I was also in town plugging my new app JustSayin’ and letting Americans know that ‘Derek’ is coming exclusively to Netflix next year. 

The reason I went with Netflix is because I believe it’s the future of TV. Viewing habits are changing and people are insisting on everything On Demand. Also, as an artist you want the maximum number of viewers with the minimum amount of interference from a broadcaster. The Netflix figures are really impressive and I have absolute artistic freedom. And finally, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I can’t tell you the deal, but I worked it out at 28 times what I made from the first series of The Office. Ker-ching. I mean… art… Ker-Chart. 

I did my 23rd Letterman appearance, (which was probably my favourite one so far), and The View. I told Barbara Walters to shut up. She took it well. They even invited me back to co-host. I said yes. I also promised the SNL lot that I’d host next year. I’ve been invited to do it so many times but I was never available, but I’m going to do it next year whether it coincides with me plugging something or not. It might even be better if I don’t have to restrict it to jokes about the movie or TV show I’m flogging. Pure fun. You’ll be the judge of that. 

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