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Week two hundred and thirty-eight - November 2012

Got to New York a couple of days after Sandy hit. My neighbourhood was completely unaffected but some parts are still without power and pretty devastated. 

The attitude is fantastic though. People are getting together to help each other get back on their feet and saying stuff like “there are people a lot worse off than us.” New York bounces back fast and stronger than ever. 

If you fancy donating to you can text REDCROSS to 90999 which gives $10 to the American Red Cross. Thanks. 

Central Park lost a few old trees but is back to its glorious self now. The first day it reopened it was just full of people running round enjoying life again. I’m sure I saw a dog laughing. 

This little fella was assessing the damage to his home… 

I’m making my 23rd appearance on Letterman this week. I hope to try to convince Americans that they can’t vote for a man who believes the answers to all our problems can be found in a magic hat. 

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