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Week two hundred and thirty-six- October 2012

Finished editing An Idiot Abroad 3. 

It’s great and builds nicely to the best episode of all three series I’d say. (You’ll be the judge of that.)
It’s a three-part epic adventure following the footsteps of Marco Polo from Venice to China. It’s quite filmic in that there’s an added element to the narrative with Karl and Warwick’s relationship. 

I’m thinking of doing an edit where you can watch it as one long movie. Maybe for the DVD. 

My other job this week of course was editing Derek. I’d say it’s 70% there. I have the same feeling I had when I was making The Office. 

A mixture of excitement and fear. It’s certainly a return to real observations about normal life. 

It’s probably even more real than The Office in some ways but with more drama. People keep asking me if it’s a comedy, a drama or a comedy drama. I guess the answer is it’s what ever you think real life is. 

A lot of Ricky fans are screaming, “Is there anything that The Rickster used to wear (at either end of his body), that he has signed and put on ebay for auction?” 

Well the answer is “Yes.” 

wooly Pilky hat in aid of St. Mungos

And some Puma trainers in aid of Small Steps Charity

My old clothes should be very valuable now. Ever since I got voted Best Dressed Man in The Universe by the mighty E! Channel. 

Dreams can come true. Thank you. 


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