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Week two hundred and thirty-five- October 2012

Spent another week editing Derek. 

It’s turning out swell, as they say in America. Well, they did in the 1930s anyway. 

My first mistake was casting people who will beat me to the BAFTA this time. Imagine if Karl Pilkington won an award for acting. It would be a bigger travesty than when I did. He’s great in it, I must say. Everyone is, but just his little gimp face makes me laugh before he even says anything. 

Also finished An Idiot Abroad 3. We even started on the director’s commentary for the DVD. At one point Karl said, “The Chinese language is just a noise.” I quickly pointed out that Karl is a lovely bloke, without a malicious bone in his body, whose words sometimes bypass the brain. It’s a very funny commentary though. Lots of arguing and moaning if you can imagine that. Haha. 

The launch of my little app, Just Sayin’, went very well and we’ve had hundreds of thousands of downloads already and we haven’t even started the promotion properly yet. Thank you. I even got Karl on it. He moaned about apps, Twitter and fan sites and the internet in general. Nice target marketing there. Unbelievable. 

I’m doing my 23rd Letterman appearance to talk about it next month, along with The View so it should really start taking off in a big way hopefully. Please download it here.[iTunes App store link] 

Oh, and it’s free by the way. 


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