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Week two hundred and thirty-four- September/October 2012

Spent the week editing Derek. 

At first I was depressed about having so much wasted stuff, because each ep had to be cut from 40 or 50 minutes down to a measly 24. Then, not only did I remember how insatiable the appetite for DVD extras and exclusive web material is these days, but also that the more great stuff you have to throw out the better the finished product is. I went through the same with The Office. And that turned out quite well. 

Karl came in to watch the rough edits. He loved them… He actually laughed all the way through. I’ve never seen him do that before. The only time I’ve even heard him say he liked something was the animation. I think he was also very relieved. He was very nervous about acting at all, and even though he got more confident during the filming, and even got to really like it, he was still very anxious about watching himself in the finished article. He had nothing to worry about. He’s fucking brilliant in it. 

Here he is all chuffed… 

He had another little rant about the internet though. He said he wanted to “thump people who leave comments on forums in the ‘ed.” Haha. “I wish I could turn the internet off and see ‘em panickin’.” 

He also got annoyed at people on X Factor: “They all say ‘I’m different.’ No you’re not. You’re the same as the last fuckin’ nob ‘ed that was just on.”… 

When he’s right, he’s right. 

In general though he’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He’s buzzing about the new Idiot Abroad and says that meeting the conjoined twins in India was the best thing he’s ever done. It is quite amazing TV. The questions he asked them are stunning. That’s all I’m prepared to say for now. 


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