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Week two hundred and thirty-four- September/October 2012

So, I didn’t win an Emmy. I was up for my Golden Globes hosting against LL Cool J (Grammys) & Neil Patrick Harris (Tonys) who won. 

But I did hand a couple out. During one part of one of my presentations a big booming voice from the heavens said something like “cue FX”… someone had obviously faded up a live mic in the control room. It made me jump and so of course I said, “I’m an atheist, but that scared me”. Always nice to say the A word on primetime US network TV. 

Seeing this sign on the way didn’t teach me anything 

Fellow scumbag Jon Stewart won for the squillionth time and here he is after looking very pleased about it. I sent this picture to him and he said he looks like that because he just realised we all die. Haha. 

After the show we were whisked off to the HBO party as usual. It’s the only place to be.

I bumped into Michael J Fox and Jane Fonda. I know Michael but I’d never met Jane before. She introduced her self by saying, “Hello, I’m Jane Fonda.” I laughed and said, “Yeah..I know.” How sweet is that? 

The next day I popped to New York. 

I’m still there. 


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