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Week two hundred and thirty-two - September 2012

The Derek experience just seems to get better and better. Another great week, culminated in two glorious days in Broadstairs, on the Kent coast.

Karl paddling in the sea, fully clothed, getting hit by a wave and losing his glasses was an amazing stroke of luck that we captured on camera. I nearly burst of course. Like an old pro, he swore and ranted in character. Or as close as damn it. Haha. 

In my spare time I wrote a little piece for The Wall Street Journal about the creation of The Office. 

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who gave me feedback for the prototype of my little app, JustSayin. Very useful indeed. We will be incorporating a few innovations in time for the official launch this month. 

And finally, thank you to everyone of my 3 million followers. That’s more than most newspapers. And yes, I understand that with great power comes great responsibility. So I’d like to say to all you kids out there, please don’t try this at home… 

I am a trained gimpologist. 


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