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Week two hundred and thirty-two - September 2012

The Derek experience just seems to get better and better. Another great week, culminated in two glorious days in Broadstairs, on the Kent coast.

Karl paddling in the sea, fully clothed, getting hit by a wave and losing his glasses was an amazing stroke of luck that we captured on camera. I nearly burst of course. Like an old pro, he swore and ranted in character. Or as close as damn it. Haha. 

In my spare time I wrote a little piece for The Wall Street Journal about the creation of The Office. 

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who gave me feedback for the prototype of my little app, JustSayin. Very useful indeed. We will be incorporating a few innovations in time for the official launch this month. 

And finally, thank you to everyone of my 3 million followers. That’s more than most newspapers. And yes, I understand that with great power comes great responsibility. So I’d like to say to all you kids out there, please don’t try this at home… 

I am a trained gimpologist. 


Week two hundred and thirty-one - August/September 2012

A fun-packed week filming on Derek was only marred slightly by the fact that an emergency doctor was called after 24 hours of severe abdominal pain. 

Examination, urine sample, and blood tests were taken and I was rushed to hospital for a scan. (I say rushed, they couldn’t do the scan for 6 hours, in which time I was allowed only water. I also couldn’t stop filming, so in some scenes, Derek will look a little paler and sweatier than usual. 

Anyway, I had a form of gastric flu. Not what I first assumed; it was the second I had any sort of pain then - “cancer of the everything”. As soon as a doctor tells me I’m not going to die, I feel better. They are true healers. 

I called another Doc for help too this week - the mighty Doc Brown. A very funny man indeed. 

Seriously though, who’s better looking? 

But this lot stole the show… 

This wasn’t just an excuse for me to play with dogs for the day. (Well it was, but it’s sort of justified.) Some animal rescue centres get a little grant if they provide a pet therapy service. i.e. they take some pooches and moggies around to care homes and let the residents have a little cuddle. Very sweet. And it works. That was one of the days I was ill, and when I was filming with the critters the colour came back to my cheeks. They are true healers too. Ahh. 


Week two hundred and thirty - August 2012

Filming Derek continues to be a dream job. I’m actually getting depressed that we’ve got way too much great stuff to cram into a measly 23 minutes per episode. 

This is of course a lovely problem to have. 
Expect a lot of lovely DVD extras and webisodes. 

The US version of The Office is to end after its 9th season. I couldn’t be prouder of its success story but all good things must come to an end. And with syndication it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Here’s a little article I did about why Michael Scott had to be slightly different to David Brent for American audiences 

Oh, and thank you to the mighty Shortlist and its readers for putting Brent at the top of their favourite sitcom characters of all time


Week two hundred and thirty - August 2012

So the first week’s filming on Derek went like a dream. 

Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had on any production.
We laughed and ruined many takes and we also cried during some of the sweeter, dramatic moments. 

The old actors (some are in their 90s) are all so lovely with amazing stories, and they bring such a weight and pathos to the whole thing.
It’s also the best ensemble cast I’ve ever been apart of. Karl is fucking brilliant. So natural. 
David Earl is a comedy megastar of the future. And Kerry Godliman is simply one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with. 

I somehow picked up every performance Globe, Emmy and Bafta, for The Office and Extras, with none of the other amazing cast getting a look in. I really hope that isn’t the case with Derek. The performances from everyone are too good. 

I couldn’t believe my luck with this photo when I saw the sign in the background… 

In other news…
My app has basically done its development period and we are ready for an official launch in the autumn. If all goes well I should have my animal sanctuary sooner than expected. (Or I may just spend it all on a battleship and invade a tiny island for a laugh.)

And the most amazing news of all is that the pilot episode of Learn English with Ricky Gervais has been downloaded 10 million times in a week! That’s fucking mental. I mean, thank you. 

Please have your translations ready for next week when we will release a clean version for you to add your own subtitles and post on Youtube. 

Week two hundred and twenty-nine - August 2012

Thank you so much for making Learn English with Ricky Gervais the number 1 podcast in the world. It was downloaded over a million times in the first 24 hours. Fucking incredible.

And thank you to iTunes for such a wonderful launch. Brilliant job. But most of all, thank you for the most amazing reaction I’ve ever had. 

iTunes have it exclusively for one week then we will post a clean version on YouTube so that people around the world can rip it, stick on their own language subtitles, and then re-post it. 

When we have had 50 million views, we’ll record a brand new one and start the whole process again. Deal? 

The first few days filming on Derek have been the most fun I’ve ever had. Best line of the shoot so far is either Kev at a funeral saying, “This is a muff-free zone” or Dougie saying, “I’m jealous of the dead.” Haha. 


Week two hundred and twenty-nine - August 2012

So principle photography has commenced on Derek. 

As usual, six half-hour episodes to start with.
I’ll do regular updates from the set with as many pictures of the dopey round headed chimp as possible.

The first volume of Learn English with Ricky Gervais is released exclusively on iTunes worldwide on Tuesday 14th August. It’ll appear as a podcast here. And it’s FREE! 

ITunes are also giving me my own page by the way, to celebrate the fact that combined RG products have had 500 million downloads. It should also help launch the new video podcasts. Nice. 

Thank you iTunes, but most of all, thank you to all the lovely people who have bought my stuff over the last few years. 


Week two hundred and twenty-eight - August 2012

Twitter continues to be an anthropological playground for me. 

I really don’t understand why people get upset over morons talking bollocks. They can’t really affect you. They don’t really exist.

It’s text. If you don’t actually know that person it’s like getting upset by graffiti in a public toilet that you never have to use again.

Twitter is like a dream that you can control. Have fun. Then wake up and live a real life. If someone tries to upset you for no reason, ignore it. Or better still, BLOCK. It’s gone. They’re still an unhappy twat and you’re not. 

I don’t mean people actually breaking the law and threatening people’s lives of course. They should be dealt with. But attention seeking idiots… let them find it somewhere else. 

On a more positive note there are lots of nice sane people on twitter too, that can provide a few laughs and pearls of wisdom now and again. 

My job is to embrace all aspects though. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

The good you can learn from. The bad can provide me with hours of new stand up material. And the ugly… well that’s not really their fault. It’s also very subjective. 

Karl loves freaks as you know. This is the first time I ever committed the little shaven chimp to video…