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An Idiot Abroad 3 - First Look

Week two hundred and thirty-eight - November 2012

Got to New York a couple of days after Sandy hit. My neighbourhood was completely unaffected but some parts are still without power and pretty devastated. 

The attitude is fantastic though. People are getting together to help each other get back on their feet and saying stuff like “there are people a lot worse off than us.” New York bounces back fast and stronger than ever. 

If you fancy donating to you can text REDCROSS to 90999 which gives $10 to the American Red Cross. Thanks. 

Central Park lost a few old trees but is back to its glorious self now. The first day it reopened it was just full of people running round enjoying life again. I’m sure I saw a dog laughing. 

This little fella was assessing the damage to his home… 

I’m making my 23rd appearance on Letterman this week. I hope to try to convince Americans that they can’t vote for a man who believes the answers to all our problems can be found in a magic hat. 

Week two hundred and thirty-seven- October/November 2012

The stats are in.

JustSayin’ already has over 500,000 users, and we’ve only officially launched in the US
Amazing. Thank you so much if you’ve downloaded it. If you haven’t, why not? It’s free, you gorp. [iTunes App store link] 

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the little guinea pig viral too. We’re thinking of doing another one soon. 

Channel 4 are doing a late night repeat of The Ricky Gervais Show Season 3 starting Friday 9th of November at 12.30am. 

Sky Plus it to save you having to buy the DVD. (PHILANTHROPIST!) 

That should keep you going till the new series of An Idiot Abroad. I can’t wait. It’s the best one yet. 

You’ll be the judge of that. 


Week two hundred and thirty-six- October 2012

Finished editing An Idiot Abroad 3. 

It’s great and builds nicely to the best episode of all three series I’d say. (You’ll be the judge of that.)
It’s a three-part epic adventure following the footsteps of Marco Polo from Venice to China. It’s quite filmic in that there’s an added element to the narrative with Karl and Warwick’s relationship. 

I’m thinking of doing an edit where you can watch it as one long movie. Maybe for the DVD. 

My other job this week of course was editing Derek. I’d say it’s 70% there. I have the same feeling I had when I was making The Office. 

A mixture of excitement and fear. It’s certainly a return to real observations about normal life. 

It’s probably even more real than The Office in some ways but with more drama. People keep asking me if it’s a comedy, a drama or a comedy drama. I guess the answer is it’s what ever you think real life is. 

A lot of Ricky fans are screaming, “Is there anything that The Rickster used to wear (at either end of his body), that he has signed and put on ebay for auction?” 

Well the answer is “Yes.” 

wooly Pilky hat in aid of St. Mungos

And some Puma trainers in aid of Small Steps Charity

My old clothes should be very valuable now. Ever since I got voted Best Dressed Man in The Universe by the mighty E! Channel. 

Dreams can come true. Thank you. 


Week two hundred and thirty-five- October 2012

Spent another week editing Derek. 

It’s turning out swell, as they say in America. Well, they did in the 1930s anyway. 

My first mistake was casting people who will beat me to the BAFTA this time. Imagine if Karl Pilkington won an award for acting. It would be a bigger travesty than when I did. He’s great in it, I must say. Everyone is, but just his little gimp face makes me laugh before he even says anything. 

Also finished An Idiot Abroad 3. We even started on the director’s commentary for the DVD. At one point Karl said, “The Chinese language is just a noise.” I quickly pointed out that Karl is a lovely bloke, without a malicious bone in his body, whose words sometimes bypass the brain. It’s a very funny commentary though. Lots of arguing and moaning if you can imagine that. Haha. 

The launch of my little app, Just Sayin’, went very well and we’ve had hundreds of thousands of downloads already and we haven’t even started the promotion properly yet. Thank you. I even got Karl on it. He moaned about apps, Twitter and fan sites and the internet in general. Nice target marketing there. Unbelievable. 

I’m doing my 23rd Letterman appearance to talk about it next month, along with The View so it should really start taking off in a big way hopefully. Please download it here.[iTunes App store link] 

Oh, and it’s free by the way. 


Week two hundred and thirty-four- September/October 2012

Spent the week editing Derek. 

At first I was depressed about having so much wasted stuff, because each ep had to be cut from 40 or 50 minutes down to a measly 24. Then, not only did I remember how insatiable the appetite for DVD extras and exclusive web material is these days, but also that the more great stuff you have to throw out the better the finished product is. I went through the same with The Office. And that turned out quite well. 

Karl came in to watch the rough edits. He loved them… He actually laughed all the way through. I’ve never seen him do that before. The only time I’ve even heard him say he liked something was the animation. I think he was also very relieved. He was very nervous about acting at all, and even though he got more confident during the filming, and even got to really like it, he was still very anxious about watching himself in the finished article. He had nothing to worry about. He’s fucking brilliant in it. 

Here he is all chuffed… 

He had another little rant about the internet though. He said he wanted to “thump people who leave comments on forums in the ‘ed.” Haha. “I wish I could turn the internet off and see ‘em panickin’.” 

He also got annoyed at people on X Factor: “They all say ‘I’m different.’ No you’re not. You’re the same as the last fuckin’ nob ‘ed that was just on.”… 

When he’s right, he’s right. 

In general though he’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He’s buzzing about the new Idiot Abroad and says that meeting the conjoined twins in India was the best thing he’s ever done. It is quite amazing TV. The questions he asked them are stunning. That’s all I’m prepared to say for now. 


Week two hundred and thirty-four- September/October 2012

So, I didn’t win an Emmy. I was up for my Golden Globes hosting against LL Cool J (Grammys) & Neil Patrick Harris (Tonys) who won. 

But I did hand a couple out. During one part of one of my presentations a big booming voice from the heavens said something like “cue FX”… someone had obviously faded up a live mic in the control room. It made me jump and so of course I said, “I’m an atheist, but that scared me”. Always nice to say the A word on primetime US network TV. 

Seeing this sign on the way didn’t teach me anything 

Fellow scumbag Jon Stewart won for the squillionth time and here he is after looking very pleased about it. I sent this picture to him and he said he looks like that because he just realised we all die. Haha. 

After the show we were whisked off to the HBO party as usual. It’s the only place to be.

I bumped into Michael J Fox and Jane Fonda. I know Michael but I’d never met Jane before. She introduced her self by saying, “Hello, I’m Jane Fonda.” I laughed and said, “Yeah..I know.” How sweet is that? 

The next day I popped to New York. 

I’m still there.